TelQuality Services, Inc.


Thank you for your interest in TelQuality Services, Inc. Whether you are a Telecommunication Service Provider or Installation Vendor, the value of one's name today is often reflected in the real or precieved quality of the product and service delivered.

 By applying the required Installation Workmanship Standard and complying to ISO 9000/TL9000 when required, costs associated with poor quality and ISO non-compliance are significantly reduced and even eliminated.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide those we partner with access to our background, experience and knowledge for implementing a successful quality system and quality improvement program. We believe in a Zero Defect tolerance and all our efforts are with that goal as an outcome.

Please review our available Services and let us discuss with you how we can add value to your company.

 The integrity of our services is bolstered by the fact that we are totally independent from any Installation Vendor or Telecommunication Service Provider.